MyContracts is a simple to use, highly productive and cost effective CRM & Contract Management application. Born from the recognition that so many CRM's out there are overly complex with many features hardly ever used. MyContracts is built with the sales person and manager in mind. By removing the bloat and keeping things straight forward, it allows sales teams to be far more productive. And of course, the added benefit is you don't have to pay for the bloat. By keeping things simple, we can reduce the cost.


Again, by keeping things simple and functional, MyContracts have managed to bring the cost of using a CRM down significantly.

Community Development

As the platform grows and we get revenue from users, our policy and passion is to continously develop the platform.


MyContracts is hosted in an AES 256bit secure encrypted enviroment and is backed up on an hourly basis to ensure you data is never lost or stolen!


Keep a track on all contracts you provide to your client base. Never miss that renewal opportunity again and never miss out on that potential revenue.

Traffic Lights

By using a simple graphical traffic light system, users (internal and customers) can easily view which contracts need attention and when. Click on one of the lights and you will see all contracts in that definded time frame.

Email Notifications

Regular email notifications are sent to internal users and customers (if selected) to advise of any renewal dates approaching.

Customer View

Let your customers have access so they can not only view all their contracts but log importants support calls either with you are the service provider.

Document Management

Keep all relevent documentation alongside contracts and select which documents your customers can and cannot view.


Easily forecast future sales from subscription based services. Drill down into individual sales persons figures for any timescale, current and future....even down to daily!


All businesses orperate slightly differently so have your version of my-contracts tailor made to your ideal specification. There are of course costs associated



With the CRM fuctionality, businesses can manage their customers, prospects and sales team all from one place.

Opportunity & Prospect Tracking

Make life easier for your sales team with easy to use tracking features. Also, sales people also have the option to receive daily emails at 6am local time, with that days tasks and actions.

Supplier & Vendor Management

Keep a track on all your suppliers, ensure contacts are kept up to date and keep all documentation related to them in one safe place.

Quotations & Orders

MyContracts provides a unique platform in which to easily create quotations, convert those quotations into orders and manage those orders.

Order Management

Easily see which orders are open or closed and which orders have been invoiced or not. This avoids potential cash flow issues, especially in smaller businesses due to lack or invoice management.

Custom Reporting

Get a clear understanding of how each member of the sales team is performing with fully customisable reporting in all modules.

Document Management

Never lose a vital document again as all modules feature a document management element. Attach customer purchase orders in the Orders section, quotes from suppliers in the Suppliers section, and contractual documents in the Contracts module. In fact, attach any documents that you deem relevant and valuable to every part of the application.

Customer Views

Let your customers also have access to the app so they can see all Quotes, Orders and Contracts related to their account. Control what features they can see and cannot. You might want a customer to only see their contracts or orders, customise how you wish. Of course, there are certain pieces of information you don't want to see i.e. your costs and profit margins.

User Management

Manage user privaleges and permissions to ensure privacy and security for all users. Managers can control access from the user portal.


Our Pricing

Lets keep things simple.
my-contracts.net is charged out at a fair price of
  $10 per user / month  
which includes all users levels

i.e. superusers, admins, standard and customer...

it makes no difference.

Our billing model is based on the number of active users on the system. At the end of each month we will total up the number of users and bill accordingly. You can check the number of active users at any time in the management interface.


MyContracts is continually working to add more features and functionality to the platform. Keep an eye out here for updates. Or, enter your e-mail below to be emailed updates and fixes as soon as they are released.

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